School Governance

The affairs of the corporation are supervised and managed by its BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The Board of Trustees provides the long-term goals, vision, and objectives of the school. As the school grows and its activities expand the Board of Trustees may appoint a school committee that includes members from the Board of Trustees, individuals from the community with special skills and members representative of parents and staff.

The School Sub-Committees

The school committee forms specialized sub-committees, from the community and/or the school staff, to address the different activities of the school as needed. The following subcommittees may be formed:

  1. Curriculum Sub-Committee (CSC): This subcommittee develops and improves curricula and monitors the academic progress of students. The members of this subcommittee have a special interest/experience in developing and improving curricula.
  2. Fundraising Sub-Committee (FRSC): This subcommittee makes plans to raise funds to finance the deficit of the school year and the future expansion of the school. Members of this subcommittee are recruited from parents, teachers and ICNE members.
  3. Executive Committee (EC): This subcommittee is comprised of the Principal and Department Heads to assist the Principal with administrative decisions.
  4. Extracurricular Activities Committee (EAC): This subcommittee brainstorms different extracurricular activities, assesses them, plans and executes them.
  5. R&D Committee: This subcommittee explores new ways and means to improve the school.
  6. Parent Teacher Organization (PTO): The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), which is formed by parents/guardians, develops its own procedures and selects its officers and representative(s). The PTO organizes meetings as appropriate to enhance the communication between school administration and parents/guardians. All the initiatives of the PTO are to be approved by the school director.