To apply for admission at Al-Noor Academy, please follow the instruction below:
1. Submit a completed application and attach a $450 deposit (deposit applies toward tuition; $400 deposit will be refunded if admission is denied by the school).
2. All students will be interviewed. The students are required to read and sign a student contract at the time of the interview.
3. An Admission Test will be administered to all new students.
4. All needed information will be processed and a contract will be signed between you and the school. A copy of the contract is included in the application package.

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Registration Policies and Process

Admission Policy

Students are considered for admission based on two criteria:

Academic Criteria

One main objective of Al-Noor Academy is to prepare students for college admission. A student admitted to the 9th grade must have the potential to complete all the grades successfully at Al-Noor Academy. The school administers an admission test and considers the academic achievement and performance in the student’s previous schools. To be considered for admission, students must score at least in the 50th percentile of the admission test.

Discipline Criteria

Students must show evidence of an acceptable code of conduct during the immediate past year. Release forms must be signed to obtain all records from the previous school. All students are admitted provisionally for 3 months.

Individual Education Plans and 504s

Students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) or 504 Plans may be admitted to Al-Noor Academy at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The school is not responsible for the implementation, coordination, or communication with the public school regarding the IEP or 504 Plan.

Other Admission Requests

Admission after the start of the academic year is discouraged. Students transferring from other school districts after the beginning of the academic year must also take the standardized admission test. Additional tests may be administered to ensure that the student will be able to cope with the advanced nature of instruction despite missing the first part of the school year.

Students who request a double promotion from of two grade levels must show evidence of an exceptional academic achievement and should score above the 85th percentile in the grade level they are applying to on the admission test and a written assessment. The final decision will be made by the executive committee with the recommendations from the student’s current teachers.


Tuition Policy

  1. Tuition may vary from year to year. Check with the school for current tuition.
  2. At time of application parents pay $450 deposit for each child. The deposit will be refunded if the school denies admission of the student (otherwise it is non-refundable).
  3. A non-refundable application fee per student is paid with application.
  4. A fee is paid for the use of books & learning materials. The books are returned to school at the end of the year; if lost or destroyed a full replacement cost will be charged.
  5. A fee per student is paid for school activities (field trips and athletic programs).
  6. Al-Noor Academy identification cards are $10 each

Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition plans may vary from year to year. Various payment plans may be available. Tuition collection may be out-sourced to a third party.

Although admission in the middle of the school year is highly discouraged, if a student is admitted, the school tuition policy continues to be valid and the same dates are applicable regardless of the admission time.

Tuition Assistance

Al-Noor Academy has no tuition aid funds. However, limited tuition assistance is provided to students who show good Islamic attitude and excellent academic achievement. The amount of tuition assistance provided depends on the student’s demonstrated family need and funds availability.

  1. The tuition assistance application form must be completed and submitted before the deadline. The following documents are required with the scholarship application:Most recent paycheck stubs
  2. Last year’s 1040 tax return form or current unemployment collection proof
  3. Any other supporting documents regarding the family income and needThere are other financial assistance available via ICNE and MCSS. Either call them or ask us for more information

Delinquent Accounts Policy

Al-Noor Academy must receive scheduled payments promptly in order to meet its projected expenses. If the payment is 30 days past due, the account is considered delinquent. Students with delinquent accounts may not be allowed to attend classes. Student transcripts, report cards and academic records will not be released until payment is made in full, or other arrangements are made that are acceptable to the school. Students with delinquent accounts will not be eligible for re-admission in the next academic year.

Withdrawal Policy

Parents will forfeit the deposit paid with their application, if student(s) withdraw before       September

Parents will be liable for 25 percent of annual total fees, if student(s) withdraw during September.

Parents will be liable for 50 percent of annual total fees, if student(s) withdraw during October-December.

Parents will be liable for 100 percent of annual total fees, if student(s) withdraw after December 31.

Requesting Transcripts

Transcript requests must be made in writing to our registrar. Written requests will be processed within one week.

There will be no charges to send out transcripts while students are attending Al-Noor Academy. Students who are not attending Al-Noor Academy will be charged a $5 fee for each official transcript requested.

Registration Process

The registration package may be picked up from the school or printed from the school web site (http://anahs.org). There are two steps to the process of registration. An enrollment application is completed and all supporting documents, including required fees, are sent to the school. New students are interviewed and past records are reviewed. In addition, the student must take the Terra Nova California Achievement Test, administered by Al-Noor Academy. If the application is approved, the parent/guardian then signs a school contract and school fees are paid according to the plan selected.

  1. The enrollment application with the supporting documents, registration fee and deposit must be submitted to the school office
  2. New students are interviewed. The student is required to read and agree to the term of the student contract
  3. Admission test(s) are administered to all new students
  4. Students applying for tuition must submit their application before the deadline of April 30
  5. The school reviews the application and, if approved, the parents/guardians are called to sign the school contract and the provisional admission agreement if applicable (new students).

Provisional admission

All new parents and students must sign the provisional admissions agreement. The parents/guardians of new students are required to agree with this policy.

During the period of provisional admission (3 months) the school may revoke admission at any time. Reasons to revoke admission include, but are not limited to, poor academic performance, incomplete or incorrect records provided, repeated violations of the school rules and regulations, the use of improper language, attitude or behavior, and/or causing physical harm to self or to other children.


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