Extracurricular Events and Activities

While Al-Noor’s focus is naturally on academics, to ensure a well-rounded education we also sponsor a wide range of extracurricular competitions and events. Our Islamic Fair and Muslim Rising Dawn see to it that our students maintain touch with their Muslim and ethnic roots. Science and Humanities Fairs, as well as several Math competitions, stress the applicability of classroom learning in the real world.

ANA supports many charities with much enthusiasm and success, stressing the Islamic tradition of seeing to those less fortunate. We also sponsor Quran Competitions each term, with memorization and Tajweed, or correct pronunciation, carefully stressed by our Quran teachers.

Al-Noor has traditionally been very successful in state-wide Letters to Literature and other writing and poetry contests, placing winners in top tiers and receiving recognition at the Massachusetts State House. The Career/Professional Day leverages our Humanities Department, and an annual “Hands-on History” gives students an opportunity to see, touch, and handle historic artifacts from the American Revolutionary War and other segments of early Colonial history.

Various field trips are both fun and educational.For example we have gone to a roller skating rink, and a laboratory visit to the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI).

Finally, and as always, Al-Noor pays strict attention to character development, sponsoring a series of Saturday Lecture Nights, periodic boys’ Qiyam, as well as maintaining a Halaqa circle to see to the needs of our sisters’ development.


But why hear just what the Academy has to say about its clubs and extracurricular? Why not hear testimonials from some of our students?

“When thinking of a school, people often immediately think of teachers, schedules, and mandatory classes. In my experience, however, the beauty of Al-Noor lies in its extracurricular activities and interscholastic competitions, because those are the things that highlight the passion and talents of its students. Whether you want to be a soccer player, a mathematician, a neurosurgeon, or the next president, Al-Noor has something for you”

“To everyone who’s ever wanted to save the world, Al-Noor’s Model United Nations Club is for you. The club gives its members the opportunity to discuss all kinds of issues ranging from climate change to wars to even aliens! Through MUN, we get to explore the positions of different countries on contemporary issues and learn to debate them in front of large groups at conferences, where we debate competitively with students from schools from around the world. As a member of the club, I can honestly say that it has taught me much about public speaking and politics, and helped me nurture my passion to help others”

“To all future soccer superstars, Al-Noor has a futsal team where you can compete against teams from across the region. The team’s players tell me they have had wonderful opportunities to play, improve, and bond as a team”

“To everyone who’s ever wondered how the complex human mind works, NEC, or Neuroscience Education Club, is for you. In NEC, we get to learn fascinating things about how our brains work. After a few months of learning, we got to participate in the regional Brain Bee, and one of our members even won third place overall!”

“Along with the clubs at Al-Noor, there are many opportunities to showcase your talents through interscholastic competitions”

“If you love math, try your luck (or should I say probability) at the AMC, a competition where we get to compete with future mathematicians all over the country”

“If you love writing, enter the Islamic Poetry Contest, where we write Islamic pieces of poetry and compete internationally; or Letters About Literature, where we write to the authors of our favorite books and potentially win awards”

“Finally, no matter what you enjoy doing, you will love to participate in MIST, or the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament. At MIST, students devote one weekend each year to competing with students from other Islamic schools in every area from writing to sports to math and everything in between. Al-Noor has won for eight years in a row, and we hope to have you on our team soon!”

“Now that you have a little taste of the wonderful opportunities that Al-Noor has to offer, I hope you’re excited about coming here. See you soon insha’Allah!”

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