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Our mission is to provide an education that is rooted in Islamic faith and ideals that draws upon the noblest Islamic traditions of ’Ilm(1), ’Ibadah(2), ’Ihsan(3) and ’adl(4), and that inculcates these values in our students.


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The curriculum, system of discipline, and leisure activities at the Academy combine the knowledge and practice of Islam with the best training in the sciences, humanities and business, so that our students can grow up to be conscientious Muslims while also aspiring to the highest goals in the vocations they choose.

Thus, the objectives of the academic programs are to form skilled and discerning individuals equipped with logical scientific reasoning, trained in basic skills, full of creativity, and prepared for life-long learning. The Academy makes students proud of the Muslim scholars in the fields of humanities and sciences and encourages them to excel in their education to advance the mission of their ancestors by contributing to modern-day academia.

The Academy provides a fertile environment for maximum social, emotional, physical and academic development according to the values of Islam, and challenges students to reach their maximum human potential. The Academy guides the children young adults to lead decent contemporary lives, enrich their families, serve their community, tolerate difference, think critically, promote collaboration and respect others. School activities help the children them develop individual talent, self-esteem and leadership characteristics and offer an outlet for demonstrating creativity. The entire school community provides high learning standards, preparing students to live in a complex, technological and multi-cultural society as proud, practicing Muslims.